Business Immigration Assessment Questionnaire
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The information that will be collected from our prospective clients will be used only for the purpose to assess their application for relocation / permanent residence in Canada. None or any part of this information will be shared with any third parties or entities for any other purpose whatsoever. Please contact Anoo Lal at to report any misuse or concerns that you may have with respect to his Business Immigration Application Questionnaire. (V072019-4)

Are you currently in Canada ?
Please Select What Pertains To You
What kind of business do you operate?
What is your education qualification?
Marital Status
Your spouse's experience?
Do you have children less than 22 years of age?
Do you or your spouse have blood relative/s in Canada
If yes, please state the province they reside in
Have you ever visited Canada ?
Did you visit Canada in the last 2 years?
If yes, please state the provinces visited
Has your visa to Canada ever been refused?
Between you and your spouse, please calculate total value of your assets that include movable, immovable property / properties, cash in the bank, mutual funds, fixed deposits etc.. Please calculate in Canadian dollars. If you wish to convert from any currency to Canadian dollars, please visit Please remember to include and assess only those assets that are in your and your spouse's name.
All the provinces in Canada require different minimum investment. Please select one of the following that best describes your preference:
PROVINCE OFFERING DIRECT PERMANENT RESIDENCE: New Brunswick province in Canada requires the applicant to have a total net worth of at least $600,000 and out of this net worth, they require that the applicant has at least Cad$300,000 in liquid funds in terms of funds in the bank, or fixed deposit or mutual funds etc.. This province offers PERMANENT RESIDENCE option unlike other provinces where the applicant is admitted on a closed business work permit and can only apply for nomination after two years of owning and operating the business on a day to day basis. New Brunswick province requires, upon approval, a fixed deposit of $100,000 which is fully refunded after one year once the applicant establishes himself / herself in the province of New Brunswick and invests at least Cad$:250,000 in a business. Would you like to apply in the province of New Brunswick and receive direct permanent residence for your self and childre under 22 years of age?
How quickly would you like to make an application if you qualify for any of the program/s. NOTE: Immigration programs are subject to change at any time. If you qualify, you are strongly urged to initiate the process as soon as possible.
Have you taken English proficiency test (IELTS or CELPIP) ?
If you have not taken an English proficiency test, how do you rate your English language proficiency?
CANADA OWNER / OPERATOR BUSINESS PROGRAM: In the event you cannot prove your net worth but have substantial funds (at least Cad $200,000) to invest in your business in Canada or purchase a qualified business, would you be interested in Canada's LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Closed Business Work Permit - Owner / Operator Program where net worth is not a requirement but you will have to actively own, manage and operate your business and make a substantial investment, create economic benefit in the region it is established (anywhere in Canada) and create jobs for Canadians / Permanent Residents? You may qualify for permanent residence in Canada through this program pursuant to owning and operating the business and creating employment in Canada. We will be happy to assess you in this category as well. Would you be interested in this process?
Remember, immigration regulations change frequently and without notice. If you qualify today, we strongly suggest you should proceed with your application as expeditiously as possible. Mostly, categories close when quotas are met. If you qualify, per our assessment, for any of the Canadian immigration programs, when would you like to start the process?

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. It will help us to assess your Canadian immigration qualifications as accurately as possible and we will be able to discuss relocation options.