Student Mentoring & Education

Are you confused about making a career choice for the future? If you are looking for someone to take you under their wing and to prepare you for the future, our mentors at My Visas are here to help you. To have a mentor is not due to deficiencies, even CEOs and professionals at the world’s largest companies have mentors throughout different stages of their lives and careers.

Knowing that good grades are not enough to get into a good college, let alone achieve fulfillment, we must think beyond academic achievement in our education planning for students. We mentor our students to help them find their potential and make a better life decision about their education, i.e. what they want to study and where they want to study.

What Involves Our Mentorship Program?

  • Define their career
  • Development direction
  • Academic future
  • Selecting curriculum
  • Strengthen academic weakness
  • Improve social skills
  • Deepen cultural understanding
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Cultivate healthier habits
  • Improve social skills

Our Difference

Our student education and mentoring service fills this gap, planning and designing students’ futures while developing their soft skills and nurturing their internal motivation and inspiration. Throughout our mentor service, your child will receive a private service team consisting of knowledgeable mentors that understand and covering their specific area of expertise.

Till date, My Visas have successfully brought countless students not only a comprehensive plan for development but sustainable personal motivation and more fulfilling life.