Study Permits

Great News for students and graduates:

International students and graduates in Canada are here to stay!

IRCC’s objectives are to increase the number of former international students receiving an ITA and provide additional incentive for foreign nationals to study in Canada. Not to forget that Canada estimates to admit 300,000 students in 2017. Isn’t this incredible?

Earlier, prior to Nov 19, 2016, there were no additional points available to students and former international students. Changes:

  • 15 points will be awarded to applicants who have an eligible credential from a one year or two year post secondary program;
  • 30 points to candidates who have an eligible credential from either:
    • -A post secondary program of three years or more;
    • -A University level program at the Maser’s level or at the level of an entry to practice professional degree for an occupation listed in the NOC matrix at Skill Level A for which licensing by a provincial regulatory body is required;
    • -A University-level program at the doctoral level.
  • It is predicted that students will receive more ITAs in this revised system, perhaps around 40% draws from the pool.
  • Its, as a matter of fact, a very wise idea to study in Canada. Please contact us to assist you in this area.
  • It should also be observed that Provincial Nominees will continue to be awarded 600 points making them by far the single most valuable factor under the new system.