Temporary Foreign Workers

LMIA – Processing & Work Permits

For years we have been assisting Canadian employers with the recruitment and processing of temporary foreign workers.

The LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) process is intricate and requires detailed study of the employer’s business. Hiring a temporary foreign worker requires documented evidence that the position was duly advertised in the Job Bank and other employment websites. Service Canada officials would evaluate all of the advertisements and the responses received from Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The advertisements must run for at least one month.

We have been assisting various small and large businesses inside and outside the Greater Toronto Area, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in the entire recruitment and processing of foreign workers from around the world.

We work with the employers in Canada as well as with the foreign workers whether they are in Canada or overseas.

Labour Market Impact Assessment – Arranged Employment, leading to permanent residence in Canada

Another category that is processed under the LMIA is that supports the applicant’s application for permanent residence in Canada.

Foreign workers can help employers meet their labour needs when Canadians and permanent residents are not available. As part of this process the government supports higher-skilled foreign workers based on their potential to become economically established in Canada and to assist employers to meet their skilled labour shortages.
Employers who wish to hire skilled foreign workers and support their permanent resident visa application can make a job offer under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Express Entry system. The job offer must meet the criteria of one of the undermentioned llisted economic immigration programs.